Laila Noureldin-2016 Recipient

Headshot [LNoureldin] 150x150 (1)Major: Sociology
Degree: Ph.D. 
School: University of Chicago
Sponsor: ISF



Bio: Laila H. Noureldin is a Sociology Ph.D. student the University of Chicago. Her current research is a quantitative study that analyzes the impact of levels of religiosity and immigration status on American Muslim perceptions of assimilation and alienation using regression analyses. She received a Masters of Education in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction from American University, where she foregrounded the importance of culturally race-related research through her thesis, advocating for the use of African American English (AAE) as an instructional tool for language and literacy acquisition among emergent African American readers. Her research was inspired by her time as a literacy teacher in a D.C., inner-city, elementary, public-charter school. She received a B.A. in Sociology and Arabic Language and Culture from Georgetown University. Her undergraduate senior thesis, which earned the 2011 Hoggson Award for Excellence in Sociology, is a historical-comparative piece that explains the sociological transformations and symbolic representation of the Islamic ‘veil’ in Egypt and Turkey during two distinct time periods, 1920 to 1939 and 1970 to 2011. Laila has grown up between the United States, primarily Los Angeles and Washington D.C., and the Middle East.

Areas of Interest:
Identity, Religion, Demography, Immigrant & Citizenship


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