Khalid Madhi-2013 Recipient

khalid madhi photo 150x150 (1)Khalid Madhi

Major: Political Science
Degree: Ph.D
School: University of Illinois at Chicago
Sponsor: ISF


Khalid Madhi is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He left his native Morocco after completing undergraduate studies in Economics at the University of King Mohammed I, Oujda, Université Moulay Ismail, Meknes and L’Institut Superieur International de Tanger. At Chicago, he received a Masters in political science at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. Khalid has also taught Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies courses at St. Xavier University, Loyola University, Dominican University and the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research interests include urban histories, urban politics in the global south, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, the conceptions of power and the status of the “Other” in the contemporary determinations of politics.

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