Jaye Starr – 2017 Recipient

Major: Islamic Studies & Chaplaincy
Degree: M.A. / G.C.
School: Hartford Seminary
Islamic Scholarship Fund



Bio: Jaye Starr is an aspiring Muslim hospital chaplain, community organizer, artist, and activist in Michigan. A graduate of Smith College, she is currently completing her M.A. in Islamic Studies & Christian-Muslim Relations with a G.C. in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary. She discovered the importance of chaplaincy work as a long-term Hurricane Katrina relief worker, and decided it was a skill set she wanted to pursue while delivering death notices to Bosnian families with the American Red Cross.

While completing her studies, Jaye serves in a volunteer capacity as a community liaison on a hospital ethics committee, a mentor with high school exchange students, a farm hand raising food for those in need, a member of her masjid outreach committee providing Islam 101 education, and the organizer of community resiliency workshops. Nationally, she is the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee with the Association of Muslim Chaplains and provides cultural competency training for hospitals and other service providers to better care for their Muslim clients. Jaye is interested in supporting the development of the field of Islamic chaplaincy and, within her own chaplaincy work, she is particularly interested in Islamic bioethics, building resiliency, pre and post-natal wellbeing, and improving the dying experience. She is currently enrolled in full time special needs parenting and advocacy training that began the day her awesome and amazing daughter (masha’Allah) was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Jaye enjoys reading books with her Interfaith Women’s Book Club, teaching juggling, attempting to keep ahead of the weeds in her garden, and dreaming of the third space Islam/Muslim-centered coffee house/book store/performance space she intends, insha’Allah, to open in the future.

Jaye has also studied with Al-Amana Centre in Oman, the Indonesian Consortium of Religious Studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Centre for Islam & Medicine, and the Fellowship at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics. She previously completed two terms of service with AmeriCorps.

Areas of Interest:
Islamic Chaplaincy, Maternal Health, End of Life Care

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