Jawaad Khan-2015 Recipient

Jawaad Khan

Major: Religious Studies and Related Fields
School: Bayyinah Institute Dream Program




Creative Director at Advocating Quranic Literacy (AQL, Inc).

Bio: Born in sunny South Florida, Jawaad Ahmad Khan is a recent graduate of the University of Miami having gotten his BSc in Motion Pictures with a minor in Marketing. Over the years, he’s been involved with the Muslim community in different aspects, often volunteering with local youth organizations and working with different mosques in the community. In addition, he’s developed much of his skills in video production by providing services to different local Islamic organizations.

A student of Islam from a young age, Jawaad is embarking on learning the beautiful language of Arabic through the Bayyinah Institute Dream program. He hopes to build a foundation for further Qur’an and Islamic studies and to later disseminate the knowledge he gains through the medium of video and film. He hopes to create productions that will be beneficial to the Muslim community, whether through web series, feature films, or educational videos. He’s grateful for this opportunity provided by ISF and hopes it can be the start of things much greater he can accomplish for the Muslim community and for the world, InshaAllah!

Areas of Interest:
Religious Studies

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