Jason Van Boom-2009 Recipient

Jason Van Boom 150x150 (1)Jason Van Boom

Major: History
Degree: Ph.D.
School: Graduate Theological Union (GTU)
Sponsor: Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California

Jason Van Boom received his BA in liberal arts in 1994 from Thomas Aquinas College, a “Great Books” school focused on Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. He then taught English in Lithuania and South Korea. From 1998-1999 he studied Eastern Orthodox Christian history and theology at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, and gave a lecture series at an Orthodox cathedral on St. John Chrysostom’s commentary on the Gospel according to John. He received an MA in philosophy at Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, where he studied Thomism and Neoplatonism, in 2002. From 2000 to 2002 he taught Introduction to the Old Testament at St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological Seminary. He is currently in the PhD program in the history of Christianity at Graduate Theological Seminary, and plans to defend his dissertation in May 2010. Jason is a specialist in late medieval and early modern Christian intellectual history, with a focus on gender and witch trial literature. In the course of his studies on Christian intellectual history,  He currently teaches a public outreach introductory course on Islam at Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, where he has joined the staff as director of development and marketing. He plans to do comparative studies of Islamic and Christian theologies of the human person, and write a history of Christianity from an Islamic perspective.

Jason’s Message to Supporters:
I am very grateful for Islamic Scholarship Fund’s generous assistance at this critical time in my studies. The material benefit is substantial, but what is even more helpful is this vote of confidence. It is a great encouragement to see that my academic work is not just for myself, but can benefit others.

Jason moved to Estonia and co-founded a few initiative including Orutekniks.

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