James Ford-2012 Recipient

James Ford 150X 150James Ford

Major: Arabic
Degree: B.A.
School: Zaytuna College
Sponsor: Zaytuna College


James Ford is a third year student and a member of the inaugural class of Zaytuna College; he is pursuing a B.A. in Arabic Language and Literature. He is currently also a certificate student in the Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) at the Graduate Theological Union. He previously attained a B.A. from Columbia University where he was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Scholar. During his undergraduate career and subsequently, his work in public health and advocacy as well as volunteer teaching has focused on facilitating social justice and empowerment of disenfranchised individuals and communities, including: homeless adults and those of lower socioeconomic means, refugee survivors of human rights abuses, autistic and Deaf children, and young people considered at-risk. In sha’ Allah James would like to pursue interdisciplinary graduate work focused on Islamic Political Thought and Interreligious Studies and become a proponent of justice for minority communities, particularly in the contexts of educational and civil rights.

James Message to Supporters:
I am humbled by and grateful for the generous assistance conferred upon me. The journey of the goal toward cultivating broader institutional presence and overall representation of Muslims in the United States has been set in motion by pioneering leaders and investors such as yourselves, masha’ Allah. For me personally, the opportunity to study at Zaytuna College and learn the substance of our tradition from scholars of great faith, knowledge, and character is a life-changing event. Jazakum Allah khairan. I thank you from the depths of my heart for enabling this journey to continue. It is my sincere wish that I, my cohort of recipients, and the upcoming generations cultivate your efforts and utilize our spiritual and academic learning to foster and enact abiding, transformative social change within the firmament of American public life and scholarship based on Islamic values, in sha’ Allah Ta’ala.

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