ISF Recipient Manual

The Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to increase the presence of American Muslims in fields and professions that impact public opinion and public policy.

ISF aims to bring about long-term change by providing a platform of support that includes scholarships, internships, and networking opportunities in order to support the future Muslim lawyers, journalists, film makers, politicians, academicians and scholars of the community.

  • ISF scholarships are intended for students who have the ambition to take the “non-traditional” road and study fields that have the highest impact on public opinion and public policy.
  • ISF envisions a strong and dynamic alumni network of scholarship recipients who stay engaged and support each other and the next incoming students even years after receiving an award.


ISF scholarships are intended to fulfill the organization’s mission by:

  • Providing Financial Support:
    With the high and increasing cost of education, ISF scholarships can make education easier for students. Currently ranging from $2,000-$10,000, recipients can reapply for these awards every year.
  • Rewarding Courage: 
    ISF Scholarships are merit based. We understand that for many students choosing a “non-traditional” field in the humanities, social sciences, liberal arts and law has its own challenges and ISF scholarships intend to reward that decision and the hard work which follows.
  • Creating  A Unique Alumni Network:
    ISF aims to support the future lawyers, filmmakers, writers, academicians, historians, politicians, religious leaders and journalists who have the ambition to influence public opinion and policy.


The goals of a strong alumni network is to:

  • Create a support system for recipients
  • Mentor younger college students
  • Educate youth and parents about ISF supported fields
  • Provide networking opportunities to recent graduates



  • Stay Connected
    All ISF recipients are high achievers and are making an impact in their respective field of study and profession.  In order to stay in touch with our recipients and alumni, we follow up with your progress on a quarterly basis to learn more about your recent projects and success stories. We will share that information with our donors and recipient alumni base through email and social media. Please reply back to our emails even if you don’t have a project or success story to share. We want to stay connected.
  • Advance:
    We want to see you grow and advance in your field. Your updates can inform us of your path of progress and how we may be able to further assist you towards your goals.  Be sure to ask us to assist you with any potential needs you may have.  Our goal is to be a resource to you with the hope and understanding that you may be a resource for future scholarship recipients.
  • Pay It Forward:
    Most non-profits (like universities, educational endowments, etc…) grow through the generosity of their alumni.  We encourage you to donate to ISF and the community once you graduate. Introduce us to potential donors and scholarship sponsors.
  • Educate:
    Host a workshop for the youth at your local community center or MSA and introduce your field of study. Encourage and educate the community about the benefits of your major. We will assist you with this process.

Thanks and welcome to the ISF Family!

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