Irteza Binte-Farid-2014 Recipient

Irteza 150

Major: Education Policy and Management
Degree: M.A.
School: Stanford University
Sponsor: Syed Ibrahim Memorial fund  for the Greater Boston Region


Irteza Binte-Farid graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in History and a minor in Political Science. Originally from Bangladesh and having grown up in Charlottesville, Virginia, Irteza is proud to be a Bengali Muslim American.
Irteza’s passion for history and politics motivated her to co-found Avicenna, the Stanford Journal of Muslim Affairs ( Avicenna hopes to promote further academic discussion about issues pertaining to Muslims around the world, in all academic fields. Along with being the Editor of Avicenna for two years, Irteza also studied abroad in Capetown and Oxford, experiences which shaped her view on education policy, particularly in the case of disadvantaged communities. Irteza also presented her research on “Teacher Education Residency Programs” before the Senate HELP Committee when she took an education policy course through the Stanford in Washington internship program. Her interests in issues of college access, educational equity, and multiculturalism prompted Irteza to join a Master’s Program in Education Policy and Management in the Harvard Graduate School of Education starting in the Fall of 2014. Following her Master’s, Irteza hopes to pursue a career as a University Dean and as a policy expert in the field of higher education.

Since receiving the ISF Scholarship, I have been lucky enough to complete my Master’s program in Education Policy and Management at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I had the opportunity to help organize the Alumni of Color Conference, which addressed issues of race, inequality, education access, religious freedom, and multiculturalism.  I also served as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, as well as working at the Freshman Dean’s Office on the “Purpose and Values of Education” special project website.  I also was proud to serve as the co-editor of ALANA, the Education School’s Art and Literary magazine, though which I helped represented the Muslim American voice. Finally, I served on the Class Gift Committee and served as an active member of the Muslim community within the Greater Boston area. After completing the Master’s program, I will be starting a PhD program in the Education, Culture, and Society Department in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education in the Fall 2015.

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