Iman Mazloum-2016 Recipient

Major: Arts Management
Degree: M.A.
School: Carnegie Mellon University
Sponsor: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)



After graduation, Iman moved to the Bay Area, and is currently a Middle School Coordinator at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula. She also teaches a high school theatre class at R.I.S.E. Academy, an Islamic School. Iman is excited to be sharing her passion for theatre with other young muslims.

Message to Supporters: I will be graduating this May with a Master’s in Arts Management. This year, I have completed a team-based research project for a client on the feasibility of a high school with an Associate’s Degree component in Pittsburgh. I plan to do a second iteration of her play “The Zahra Center” with the Pittsburgh Muslim Women’s Association and the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in May. I am currently working on creating a theatre curriculum integrated with Islamic ethics for middle schoolers. 

I want to thank the Islamic Scholarship Fund for their generosity in helping achieve my goals of reaching people through cultural policy, education policy and the arts.

Bio: Iman Mazloum studied International Relations and Theatrical Directing before starting her Master’s degree in Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon University, which effectively combines her political background, her artistic practice and her love for administration. Iman has always been an advocate for the telling of diverse narratives through art and in March of 2016, Iman adapted, produced and directed, “The Zahra Center” based on the novel Surviving Zahra by Fatima Aly Jaffer. The play centered around the culture of silence surrounding sexual assault and relationship violence in some conservative North American Muslim communities. Iman hopes to continue to advocate for the arts and for sharing life experiences through creative mediums.

Areas of Interest:
Nonprofit, Film, Photography, Politics, Travel, Culture

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