Ganna Al-Mansoub-2013 Recipient

Ganna 150x150Ganna Al-Mansoub

Major: Near Eastern Languages
Degree: MA
School: Wayne State University
Sponsor: ISF

Ever since I can remember, school has always been important to me and excelling in my classes was always top priority. I am a first generation college student, thus it was difficult to convince my father to allow my sisters and I to pursue higher education, but subhanAllah somehow we ended up going to college, and have been very successful since. My passion lies in the field of Islamic history and the Arabic language; although it took my two years to figure this out, I feel confident that this is what I want to devout my career teaching and studing about. Alhamdulilah, in May 2013, I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Near Eastern Studies and a minor in Arabic. Currently, I am a Masters student studying Near Eastern Languages at Wayne State University (concentration is Arabic). InshaAllah, once I obtain my Masters, I plan to pursue my PhD in Islamic Studies, inshaAllah, as my ultimate career goal is to be a college professor/work in academia

Ganna graduated in 2015 and is currently working for Michigan Institute of Urology.

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