Since the beginning of Islam, education has been financed by Wafq.

A legacy is what you leave behind to your children, family, or community.

The ISF Endowment Fund is an appealing way for individuals, families, businesses, organizations, or other groups of people to strengthen their community by leaving a legacy.

Many people recognize that the key to their success in life is due to the education they received, and they want to make it possible for others to benefit from a good education. ISF makes it possible for generous, caring community members to fulfill their dream of making it possible for those who want an education to get one.

Most legacy gifts including the ISF Endowment Fund are permanent endowments which principal remains intact and will not be spent. Assets are invested through sharia-compliant wheels to grow over time and earnings will be used for scholarships and grants.


What is Waqf?

In Islamic terms, Waqf refers to a religious endowment, a voluntary and irrevocable dedication of one’s wealth or a portion of it – in cash or kind (such as a house or a garden), and its disbursement for shariah-compliant projects. Waqf is a permanent donation. Once a Waqf is created, it can never be donated as a gift, inherited or sold.

Endowments are invested to grow over the long-term. Funds through which the principal remains intact and only the sharia-compliant earnings are used for charitable causes. Mostly permanent, but donors may require timeframes for the distribution of funds.

The establishment of waqf provides an opportunity for recurring charity (Sadaqa Jariyah). A well-known hadith from the Prophet (pbuh) states:

When a man dies, his acts come to an end with the exception of three things:

  1. Recurring charity
  2. Knowledge by which people benefit
  3. A pious child who prays for him (for the deceased).

Contact us to establish a Sadaqa Jariyah for your family.