Azka Fayyaz-2015 Recipient

Azka Fayyaz

Major: History and Middle East & South Asia Studies
Degree: B.A.
School: UC Davis
Sponsor: ISF


Bio: Azka Fayyaz is a fourth-year at the University of California, Davis double majoring in History and Middle East & South Asia Studies.

Born in Pakistan, Azka immigrated with her family to Madera, CA in 2003. Her family background and experiences living in Pakistan and in the United States motivated her to pursue the aforementioned majors.

Moreover, she has been an active leader for many communities during her last three years at UC Davis. Some of these roles have included serving as an ASUCD Senator, Logistics Chair for the Muslim Student Association, West Conference and serving as a liaison between the Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian communities and senior administration to advocate for their concerns. Her success in these roles is community driven and she is grateful for the mentorship she has received especially from alumni, staff and faculty in the Middle East, Muslim and South Asian communities. Over this past year, she has actively been conducting research in the Dr. Suad Joseph Lab where she focuses on U.S. Media representation by doing content analysis of the New York Times. In her spare time, she can be found engaging in revolutionary texts, learning about the ongoing Zionist occupation of Palestine, or spending time with her family and friends.

Upon graduation, she hopes hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in History to study Pakistan’s role in and the effects of the United States initiated ‘War on Terror.’

Areas of Interest:
History, Middle Eastern Studies, South Asian Studies

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