Ashher Masood – 2017 Recipient

Major: Middle Eastern Studies
Degree: M.A.
School: University of Chicago
Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno (ICCF)




Midwest Outreach Manager at Burma Task Force USA

Bio: Ashher Masood holds a Masters from New York University in Biological Sciences and is currently pursuing a second Masters in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago, embarking upon an intensive study of history and of languages such as Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Turkish, Old South Arabian, and Coptic. Through an intensive study of Islam-both traditionally and at university – he hopes to provide the youth with an understanding about religion in light of modern science and new interpretations of historical sources.

Ashher has also co-founded Muslim American Media with comedian and filmmaker Adil Qaisar. MAM is an organization devoted to the actualization of the American Muslim artistic potential. Himself a writer currently in the process of finalizing his first novel, Ashher realized early on that the way to truly address the American Muslim dilemma was to actively recruit talented Muslim artists and use their skills in poetry, music, writing, directing, acting, and painting to transform the way the world sees Muslims.

In understanding the importance of being an active community member, Ashher has volunteered for Muslim Women’s Alliance and Project Downtown in Chicago, the English Speaking Union in New York, and has also taught a wide variety of subjects to students ranging from Elementary school to the University level. He has worked with non-profits to bring increased media attention to the plight of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma as well as relief towards the water-crises in Flint, MI.

Areas of Interest:
Middle Eastern Studies

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