Anam Siddiq-2011 Recipient

Anam 150x150Anam Siddiq

Major: Journalism
Degree: MA

School: Columbia University
Sponsor: ILLUME 


Anam Siddiq is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Journalism at Columbia University. Her concentration is broadcast, but she gained experience in print, magazine and radio journalism as well throughout her undergraduate career. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Literary Journalism and History, and followed that up by working with various California news outlets such as KPCC, the OC Register, and KQED, where she acquired an exclusive interview with then-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Anam has written about issues ranging from animal euthanizations to jinn folklore, but she most enjoys reporting on social justice and religion. She also harbors a peculiar interest in 20th century American history, which she hopes to incorporate faithfully into her writing some day.

The Islamic Scholarship Fund has helped me to take my dream of working as a reporter in the hub of journalism, New York City, and made it a reality. With their aid, I have been able to purchase crucial school equipment required as a broadcast student at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Only a year ago I was fresh out of my undergraduate university, struggling to transition from being a print reporter to one in radio. Now, not only do I have the skills necessary to confidently walk into any radio newsroom in the nation, I have also become well-versed in video, photo and digital media – abilities that are crucial to have in this changing news environment. I am incredibly grateful to ISF for their help and support, it would have been difficult to have done this without them.

As a Film and Television Production major at USC, I have been challenged many ways besides academically. One of the greater challenges I have faced outside of the class room is time management. Film students at USC are given access to countless events on top being students who must complete short films, read books, and write essays. Simply put, time is very limited for students such as myself. And all of this is hard enough to manage without the added pressure of financing your education – from a private university no less. However, because of the support of the ISF,  I have been able focus more on my education rather than on my bills. The more time I’m able to dedicate to school related projects, the more I’m taking away from my college experience. So I must thank you for giving me more time and allowing me to focus on being a student.

2016 Update:
Anam works as a journalist at CBS News.

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