Adnan A. Moussa-2013 Recipient

Adnan Moussa 150Adnan A. Moussa

Major: Near Eastern Studies
Degree: MA
School: New York University
Sponsor: ISF

Adnan Moussa graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in Near Eastern Studies. Upon graduation, he spent one year as a fellow with CASA studying intensive Arabic at the American University of Cairo. Since returning to the states, Adnan worked in a non-profit organization that facilitates the resettlement of immigrants from the Middle East. His prior research focused extensively on Palestinian rights under international humanitarian law, and the systematic discrimination against those economically disadvantaged. As a Masters student at New York University, he plans to continue studying these political and economic rights with a more direct focus on the Muslim community in the US. While in New York, Adnan plans to push forth with his activism paying particular attention to the unlawful surveillance of the Muslim American community.

Adnan graduated and is living in New York.

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