Adeel Mohammadi-2016 Recipient

Adeel Mohammadi headshot 150x150Major: Law
Degree: J.D.
School: Yale Law School
Sponsor: Ghulum and Arifa Azad Family Scholarship in Law



Message to Supporters: Jazakum Allah khayran for your generous scholarship, which has allowed me to start my first year of law school at Yale. I am now nearing the end of my second semester, and am having a great time in law school. Besides a number of interesting courses, I am enrolled in a clinic this semester which allows me to work directly on civil liberties issues and issues affecting Muslim civil society organizations. This past winter, I was awarded a grant by the law school to study Islamic contract law in Istanbul, and I am trying to continue my studies in Islamic law while also immersing myself in more traditional legal fields like civil rights and criminal justice. This summer, I will be working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan (civil division). Thank you so much for your support — it means the world to me!

Bio: Adeel is a first-year student at the Yale Law School. He is especially interested in civil liberties, Islamic law, and the way Muslim-Americans engage with American legal systems.
Adeel grew up in Southern California, and he graduated from the University of Southern California in 2014 with majors in biological sciences and religion, as well as minors in economics and Middle East studies. He then completed his master’s at the Harvard Divinity School in 2016 in Islamic studies. Adeel has studied various Islamic sciences in both traditional and Western academic contexts, and hopes to continue his traditional studies in the future.

Areas of Interest: 

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