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Supported Fields

ISF Mission:

ISF’s mission is to improve understanding and acceptance of Islam by increasing Muslim American representation in professions that influence public policy and opinion. (Please contact us if your major is not listed, but you believe it fits ISF’s mission. We don’t support health, environment, engineering, technology or business related majors. )

ISF Supported Fields of Study:



  • Acting
  • Film Studies
  • Film and Television Production
  • Theater


  • Media Studies


  • Journalism
  • Print and Digital Journalism


  • Communication Studies


  • Creative Writing
  • English

Law and Related Fields 

  • Law
  • Law and  Rhetoric
  • Peace & Conflict Studies and related majors.
  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science
  • Human Rights Studies

Public Policy

  • Public Policy

International Studies

  • International Affairs
  • International Relations

Non Profit Management

  • Non-Profit Management
  • Public Administration (With Focus on Non-Profit or Government)
  • School Technology Leadership
  • Liberal Arts in Museum Studies
  • Library Studies


  • Cultural Studies
  • Sociology

Middle Eastern Studies

  • Near Eastern Studies
  • Arab Studies

Religious Studies and Related Fields

  • Arabic
  • Comparative Religion
  • History (With Focus on Islam)
  • Islamic Law and Theology
  • Philosophy (Islamic Philosophy)
  • Religious Studies
  • Islamic Leadership

Linguistics (of the Islamic World)

Architecture (With a focus on the Muslim world and/or Muslim culture)



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